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well it's just an open up stupid diary.
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Monday, July 27, 2009

loosing the knotssss


*singing* Hallelujaahhh, hallelujahhhh....

too excited.

I went to campus this morning to attend some kind of a lecturer's guardianship
it ended by 12 o'clock.
after babbling around with some friends for 15minutes, I decided to go to the bank to check my ATM card.
2 weeks ago, they said to take it in 3 days. Instead of 3 days, I went after the orientation week ended, which is today.
When I got there, the line was *unbearable*
too indolent to queue in a straight sweet resentful line =x

my evil-ish mood, today

anywayy... so glad the orientation is done and glad being a normal college student :D

stay on the path, paint the motivation, won't make it discolored, keep on fire, hold the faith.

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

moving tomorrow

This is my mood today.
tomorrow i'm moving.
though it's just for a month, maybe less, but I can't imagine that I'll be far away from my mom.
She's going to be lonely, as well.
Gonna weep out =__=

nobody can't give her a companion like I always do.
God, take care of her please @_________@

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Sunday, July 5, 2009

missing person. kind of...

my my...
i feel like a missing person person these days.
and it's because my own will that i was hiding from the world.

I've abandoned my best companions; cell phone, blog, facebook, etc.
I don't do much when I was online.
I turned off my cell phone for days.
I never felt like posting anything, while there's a thousand stories I could spill here.

why oh, why... I'm back. under these circumstances:

*officially graduated from high school
*got first rank in my class and 7th in parallel (thank You, Jesusss)
the most rightfully prideful moment in my life to make my mom smiled ear to ear.
*Going to college. soon. (in 7 days, exactly, for the orientation)
*Going to board (like dorm or something. don't know the word -_-") this week, only for a month.
*mourning for MJ (my mom and I are huge fans of him)
*still mourning: my mom and I re-read his biography book that we bought a couple of years ago, never turning off CNN or BBC World just to know all the updates, and watch various tributes for him, which are aired in infinite channels -___-" yeah...

but it's a pity, though, that he's passed away so soon.
when I first heard the news, I cried and called my mom straightaway.
maybe God's thinking, "You're feeling such excruciating pain in your life. I should just leave you broken instead of suffering all over again. It's your time. "
anyway... may Michael Jackson rest in peace.

by the way, I made a huge mistake yesterday. I think I got my mom's heart ached because of what I said to her.
I cried in front of her, regretting my rebellious behavior, whereas I know I shouldn't be saying that!! Damn it.

well, I know, no regrets, no turning back, peeps.

So... News flash. I learned a lot within my silence moment.
first. part of loving someone is the knowing that you must let them go eventually. And if they come back, it’s meant to be. conclusion: I don't care about him anymore.
second. For all of you, who's raised by a single mother: give the lady a break. She's doing what she can the best. Don't put too much burden on her back. Take a half of it, and think what's hard for her, throw it afterward with all of your effort.
third. Even though I was disappointed. I'm glad, almost grateful to God for fulfilling my wish,
which my mom can't fulfill, at least in my dream.
fourth. grow up. there's still a lot more to learn.

I'll end this post with pure compliment, dear my mom :D

Yes. a mother's love is always true.

I need to prepare my stuff for moving this Friday.
thinking a lot about college's life. kind of afraid.
Well, that’s the plan for now, and let’s just see how God works it all out in the end.

won't be hiding anymore :)

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