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well it's just an open up stupid diary.
i believe u will find
a lot of grammatical errors lol,
some dramas that surround my life,
and of course,
a lot of ordinary stories from
an ordinary teenager kid.
originally designed by me.
all contents are fully copyright
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purposefully confused
just wanna say this
what i know
i'm blessed
this i promise you
24 or 25 or 26
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nothing is going to change
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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


if today would be partly cloudy, i would laugh in joy.
for today i will see you.
and entertaining myself with the stabbing pain
that i deserve since long ago.
wish we'll have some random moments together.
but i know the insecurity when you're around me.
the words are utterly crushed before i spit them out.
no another chance to prove myself.
crystal clear.
you've chosen.

just please
dont break her heart.
dont play her heart.
dont stab her heart.

smiling :)

ps: have civics test today and havent studied. ugh.


a gentle slap of realization

"Why was Snow White given an apple with poison?
To show that not all people are as kind as what they pretend to be.

Why did Cinderella have to run away when the clock stroke midnight?
To remind us that everything has limitations, even dreams.

Why did Ariel decide to exchange her fins with feet?
To show that anyone is willing to give up anything just to be happy."



glee club

if there was glee club in indonesia,
maybe i'll consider joining it lols.
i'm not a really great singer, but at last i love to perform.
as i said on the left column, art is my passion haha.

anyway, i love watching this TV series.
one of a kind. cool. meaningful. funny.
it's a musical-comedy series that focuses on different people gather in one place,
the glee club.

i'd like to write the review, but am too lazy to type. sue me.
just google it.

gleek :)

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college rocks

full-posting today!
it's been weeks since my last post. college has been crazy most of the times.
in this moment, allow me to say this once and not for all- am going to say this often:

i fcking HEART college life!

as far as i learn from myself and friends, college is the perfect "basket" to conduct our talent and aptitude along the way of improving self-discovery and self-independent process.

the plentiful assignments and papers have also BEEN very, very, very crazy nurturing. err...

really, who am i kidding?
sometimes it's so hard just to spend one day without making assignments.
even in one week, i only watch the television twice thrice
american idol, glee, and american idol elimination results.
thats it.

but who cares, i'm strong.
it's nothing compares to what my mom has done for me.
shrink the factor over a thousand or a million.
my bad to make it such a hustle, for i'm not the one who worth the reward.
i wont complain too much.
this is my life, my struggle, it's nothing stacks up to my mom's battlefield.

love :)

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


haven't got the chance to blog.
been so beeh-zeeh.

just reporting my mood today:

jealous. much.

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Monday, March 8, 2010

need a hug



"If you're going through hell,
keep going."
Winston Churchill