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well it's just an open up stupid diary.
i believe u will find
a lot of grammatical errors lol,
some dramas that surround my life,
and of course,
a lot of ordinary stories from
an ordinary teenager kid.
originally designed by me.
all contents are fully copyright
Mela @2008.
Mela. all rights reserved.

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purposefully confused
just wanna say this
what i know
i'm blessed
this i promise you
24 or 25 or 26
hugging you
nothing is going to change
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Sunday, November 27, 2011

purposefully confused

I constantly tried to impress everybody else and try to be noticed,
whereas I tried to be happy at the same time.
But I found the realization that it's never gonna work.
I envy others. I am a hypocrite. I am selfish.
Now, I try to be happy and write my story
and definitely people will remember me.
I will not go wrong.

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

just wanna say this

Love really came in an unexpected way in my life. I've felt how love went in and open my heart. He came all of a sudden. In my plain and my dull days. And he brought everything I've ever dare to dream, even more. I am proudly taken by this most amazingly extraordinary guy. Someone who can fill my days and make me as a whole person. My Davin Wiratama :)
He's the only person who can raise up my spirit when I'm down, with his simple words and sweet smile. He can put a smile on my face immediately, with his simple text messages, his voice, and whenever he shows up in my doorway. He can cheer me up in every condition. He can wipe away my tears with his tender touch. He can make my tears fall with his frowns. He's the only guy who can treat me well.
I would give everything he wants. Everything. Because the way he cares for me is addictive. The way he holds me close to him is hypnotizing. And the way he loves me really like no one will ever replace that feeling.
When he hugs me, I feel warm, safe, and secure. When he pours out his magical words or falls down his tears, it makes me feel like I am the luckiest girl on this whole earth to have his heart in mine. Just being near him makes everything seem so peaceful and better.
I love to watch him sleep, just because. I love to hear him snores while he sleeps. I love to hear his heartbeat on his warm chest. Everything about him revolves around my mind.
Every thought, breath, and feeling of mine is saying "I love you". I always feel like I run out of time whenever I'm with him. Because spending time with him is the most incredibly priceless moments ever. Time goes by too fast when he's around. When he's near, my focus is all over on him.
How pure, selfless, and sincere this love I feel towards him.
How I see the real Davin Wiratama in my eyes is just so perfect. I'm in love. I'm in love. I'm deeply in love!
I would rather be miserable as long as I have you in my arms.
This I promise you, love. Won't ever go far from you.
Take my words, take my heart, take my all. It's yours to keep :)

Baby, I love you ♥

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Saturday, November 6, 2010

what i know

in secret we meet,
in silence i cry
for missing you so

in joy we smile,
in sunshine i thank
for God's precious gift

you are the image i see
when i feel and love

sharing thoughts
and emotions

the wonder that keeping us one
is always selfless

because when i love
you're all i know


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i'm blessed

"Take time to think about those people you love,
how you appreciate them, and thank them while you can"

thanks love

Saturday, October 16, 2010

this i promise you

"And I will take you in my arms
And hold you right where you belong
Till the day my life is through
This I promise you"

This I Promise You - N'Sync

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a problem-solver. a heart-warmer. a joker.
a sun. a moon. rain. clouds.
a boyfriend. a lover. a best friend.
a blessing. a gift. a miracle.
an angel.

it's you.

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24 or 25 or 26

cant wait for 2014
or 2015
or 2016


*just wanna say it*

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