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Saturday, May 15, 2010


i feel so blessed.
with everything.
my family, my friends, my lecturers, my college.
just.. everything.

it's the time of the year that i feel that i have to show my gratitude to everybody.
everybody, literally.

for the committees in college that are willing to take me
for who i am and with every inadequacy i have.
with my foolishness and stubbornness.
sorry for the times when i was being so pig-headed and obstinate.
and when i got too carried away,
but you guys just smiled and said,
"it's okay. we're in this together"
one of the mildest moments i've ever gone through.
thank you.
thank you for your smiles.

Communication Science's Open Forum's crews
- brief, but fun

Theater Week's crews
- awesomeness.
i got to join the greatest crew in the event which my passion takes a big part in it

Aku Untuk Indonesiaku's crews
- the weariest event that got me worn out, but in the end, it was all worthy

thanks thanks thanks a bunch, loves!

next committees:
  1. Microwave - with Petra Campus Radio
  2. P3KMABA 2010 - students' orientation
  3. Petra Awards - ... i just cant wait for it haha
also to my besties:

you guys are indescribable. you give so much for me.
this moment of life with you guys i shall never forget.

grateful and blessed.
praise the Lord

congratulation for my mom who just had her graduation day for her Master Degree
with 3.86 GPA as cum laude!
and also, Happy birthday, ma!
i couldnt be happier for you.
you are my breath, my veins, my role-model, and everything.
i'm so lucky to have you as my mom and everything you can be.
long live the queen!


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Anonymous feli said...

congratz for ur mom...^^ ruarr biasa!!!
hmm bner mell..HIS blessings always make us surprised..rse ga prnh mikirin akan mngalami ini n itu, akan jd ini n itu..
Everything was so beautiful..^^

May 16, 2010 at 3:57 AM 
Anonymous meLa said...

thanks a lot fel :)

friends for lifeeeee, amennn ^^

May 16, 2010 at 6:47 AM 

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