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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


it's june.
i believe in so much things i should not.


as june comes to an end, ecstatically, i remember the days we've gone through together.
yes, it was very short and brief.
but as time flies by, it gives so much meaning for me.

as i said earlier, i've noticed you a long time ago.
and when you noticed me, i sensed the sign that it was worth to try.

i was simply startled that
you were far beyond from what i thought you were.

you put so much concern for me.
for this silly, headstrong, and stubborn girl.
i thank you for that :)

and time does pass in a very strange way.
often i heard the question:
isn't it too soon?
how come it happened so fast?
are you sure with your decision?
why don't you consider it a little bit longer?

i know, i know.

my ignorance has nothing to do when i see things through different perspectives.
especially the questions about time.

sometimes, "time" is a wall we can't destroy all at once.
we can't escape from time even a bit.
in my opinion,
we need to experience rapid changes to see things clearly.
to feel the sensation of bitter-sweet events we may encounter.

and with the principle i hold,
it doesn't really matter
whether we meet eyes to eyes today and hold hands the next two days.
the thing that really matters is we grow together and
we can make the right choices for ourselves and
talk over the things, everything, we should or need to face.
if we trust each other, everything else will be alright in the end :)

sorry if i got too melancholy all of a sudden,
but i just need to get these words out of my head.

besides, i express myself better through hundreds of words in writing, than oral talking :p

we went to my church today, and pray together.
i shouldn't say this, but one of my prayer to holy Mary is:
i wish for the days to come, to be just like today.
that i have nothing to worry,
that nothing can not be given a smile,
nothing to be afraid of.


i'm a mere human being.
i am not perfect.
i'm sorry if i say sorry too much.
but sometimes it's hard to say bluntly the feeling inside,
that i ended up saying the word "sorry".

along with this hesitate feeling,
i want to laugh and being laughed at.
and say thank you.
for your extraordinary honesty.
for the moments we've shared
(and moments to come, lols)
for the time you're willing to spare
to fulfill my selfish requests.
and much more.

thank you.


"Maybe God has a bigger plan for me than I had for myself"
-A Walk To Remember-

ps: ugh. i wrote in such weird phases -_-"

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